Archival Works

All these works were created before 1996. Unlike JB’s work done after 1996, these works were done in different styles. “Pencilism,” for example, was a style that the artist invented. It was a very difficult form of painting as there was little room for errors. Canvases were stained with watered-down acrylic paints over which the artist drew in her subject matter with carbon or pastel pencils. Once this layer was completed, she went in and added lights and darks in white or black opaque acrylic paint. Then she would paint the subject’s skin and hair in oils. Juxtaposing all these different mediums together created captivating paintings that heightened the realism of the sections painted in oils.

Other works were done completely in acrylics, some of which are stylized images of women while others are pure abstracts. JB was very successful with her abstract work. She had a one-person exhibit at a Manhattan gallery and one at Boston University. A large display of them are on permanent display at the Tsai Performing Arts Center at Boston university and the West

Palm Beach International Airport. However, abstract painting was not challenging enough for her and so she returned to realism.

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  • Designing Woman
  • Hibiscus I
  • Shades of Love I
  • Shades of Love II
  • Shades of Love III
  • Shades of Love IV
  • Shades of Love IX
  • Shades of Love V
  • Shades of Love VI
  • Shades of Love VII
  • Shades of Love VIII
  • Shades of Love X
  • The Sinister Rose
  • Waiting
  • The Blue Rose
  • Veiled Melancholy