Four Great Latin Artists are Showcased at RosettaStone Fine Art Gallery: Jesus Rivera, Vincente Dopico-Lerner, Gustavo Castillo, and Carmen Lagos


8×8 foot masterpiece by featured artist Jesus Rivera

On November 12th RosettaStone Fine Art Gallery opened its doors to a ‘Latin Happening.’  Replete with Mojito Spritzers, Cuban food and Gypsy Guitarist, Gyorgy Lakatos it was a festive and yet a seriously art-filled evening.   For those who missed the event…too bad.  But it’s not too late to enjoy the artwork which will remain on display for another month and a half.  As the gallery owner, JB Berkow, says, “There’s always a glass of wine or champagne in the fridge for anyone who would like to make an appointment to see the work of these fine latin artists plus the work of other artist from all over the globe.”  She goes on to say, “I like collecting the best and most talented mid-career artists that I can find who haven’t yet gone crazy with their pricing.  About 40% of my stable are locals, but the rest are from all around the world.

Original by Castillo


Besides the main featured work of Jesus Rivera, the gallery also feature the well-known work of Vincente Dopico-Lerner who shows in New York, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Cuba.  There were also examples of husband and wife team Gustavo Castillo and Carmen Lagos who have shown their work extensively throughout the country.

Don’t miss these fabulous artist’s works.  Make an appointment today by calling 561-301-9371 or by empaling



Original by Dopico

Original by Dopico