Jesus Rivera: A Superb Artist of Incomparable Gifts

What makes a great artist?  One ingredient is an obsessive desire to want to create, and when not creating, to be thinking about what you’re going to create next!  To think of your work as not merely a career but as a calling.  If you are blessed with incredible talent and a unique vision, then you may be on your way to greatness!

My newest discovery, Jesus Rivera, is one of these artists and as owner of RosettaStone Fine Art Gallery I am proud to present him to the residents of Jupiter and beyond.  For our opening season event we have let out all the stops and  invite people from near and far to make the trip because it will be well worth it.  Jesus Rivera will be the main featured artist in a show which will be featuring three other Latin artists.  We are calling it “A Night in Cuba.”  Besides great art we will be serving up Cuban food from Tulipan, a well-known Latin guitarist, Gyorgy Lakatos, Moito spritzers and on top of all that a whole other party is being held four doors down in our plaza where there will be more hors d’oeuvres, a wine tasting and live piano music…two parties in one!!

But let’s talk great art again.  Rivera lives, eats and breaths his art so he definitely qualifies as an obsessive creator.  He has also developed his own unique iconic language that imbues his work with strong and arresting imagery that demands the viewer to stop, look, think, and wonder.  This is another important trait of a great artist.  On top of this, he manages to portray all this in a mature and sophisticated painting style which incorporates layers of washes with heavier impasto brush strokes and painted lines.  We will also be exhibiting some of his three-dimensional ceramic work.  If you cannot make it to the opening night reception, the show will run through January.  Call and make an appointment to see this incredible artist’s work along with the other three Latin artists:  Internationally known painter, Vincente Dopico-Lerner, Gustavo Costillo, and Carmen Lagos.

Opening Night Reception:  “A Night in Cuba”

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 6Pm to 8Pm