Out on a Limb: A TREEmendous Art Exhibit


A 60671

“Momentum” by Dena Lyons 48×72 inches


This exhibition is not to be missed.  RosettaStone Fine Art Gallery has brought in three incredibly talented artists in for this special show.  It will be up through May 12th.  Dena Lyons work, which is pictured above, also produces large silk scarves of her work.  These scarves sell now for $225 and that’s a great price for the quality and would make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.  Stop by soon to make your purchase before they’re all sold out.  Quantity is limited!

Dena’s paintings are filled with bursting energy of this enthusiastic artist.  Just looking at them injects the viewer with embullience and excitement.  In this show she has several large canvases measuring 48×72 inches, but any one of them would make a dramatic addition to a home adding vibrancy and attention that will never fade.

Shelter 84x54Another fabulous artist exhibiting in this show is Carin Wagner.  Her style of realism is not just about replicating imagery, it is about a spiritual interpretation of what she sees and feels.  Her work is extremely impactful.  Some of her work are extremely large 84×54 inches is of a lone tree titled “Shelter.”  This is my favorite work of hers in the show…if I was impelled against a wall and had to choose!

Golden Fer Glade 24x20

Miles Laventhall is probably the most well known artist in this show.  He is well respected in the community having served on the teaching staff of the Boca Art Museum for seventeen years.  In this show he is exhibiting his famous wall constructions.  They are masterpieces of combined materials that when put together speak their own special language, which is usually a commentary on life and its turmoil or the antithesis of that showing the heights of the human soul…as you can see below by these two examples of his work.  He will be having a show of ten paintings in Germany starting in May.  His two-dimensional works are just as impressive and intriguing as his wall constructions, but unfortunately we will have to wait for these until when I have a show for him next season.

Lover's Leap

Fire in the Whole