Rant of the Day: Hitches Should Be Outlawed!!!

Wednesday is the day to get things off your chest on my blog.  I figure that by mid-week there’s got to be something that has hit you the wrong way.  Well consider my blog a steam valve, a way to vent your anger about anything that has aggravated you over the past couple of days and share with other aggravated citizens out there.  If you particularly sympathize with my rant of the day, let me know.  But feel free to bring up any little thing that’s bothering you!

Today I’m ranting about hitches.  It seems that within the last year every other large vehicle has one poking out an extra foot from behind their cars or trucks.  I just ran into one as I was parallel parking the other day.  To add insult to injury this burly fellow comes out of his car and gloats, “Well I’m sure my car’s okay but I doubt yours is.”  Then he takes a peremptory glance between our two cars after which he defiantly slides back into the driver’s seat.  Luckily my car was okay, but I thought, ‘there’s no way I could have seen that thing poking out! And why are those things allowed to remain on a vehicle when not in use?’  WHY IS IT ALLOWED?!!!

I say we start a petition right here and now against these menacing hitches and get a law passed that demands that owners take them off their vehicles when not in use!  WHAT SAY YOU????