JB Berkow is a world-renowned artist who has owned and operated many businesses. In 1976, at age twenty-six, she founded one of the most successful cooperative galleries in the country, Touchstone Gallery in Washington, D.C., which is still going strong today. She began Frenchman’s Art Gallery and Studios in Juno Beach, Florida, in 1994, and 2004, she opened a retail store, RosettaStone Fine Art Gallery, located in a 3,200 square foot warehouse, which she ran until she founded a 15,000 square foot nonprofit dedicated to the fabrication of three-dimensional fine art called the Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts.

Writing, however, is a very serious hobby to JB.  She began writing when she became the Founder of Touchstone Gallery.  One of the many hats that she wore was the head of PR for the organization.  As part of this job, she produced a separate article on each of the 35 artists who were members of the cooperative.  This taught her about the five Ws: Who, What, Where, When, and Why of the story.  It also taught her how to develop a hook for each of these individual artist members, or something super interesting that would compel the reader to keep reading about them.

Her first book was a book of poetry titled "Shades of Love" that she allowed a Georgia publishing house to produce.  The experience was not a positive one.  Firstly, the illustrations and physical look of the book was not up to JB's stringent standards, and secondly, they did nothing to promote it.  Thus, with her subsequent books, she opted to self-publish.  The two titles below can be found used on Amazon.  However, if you want new copies of these titles, just contact Ms. Berkow.  She plans on republishing "Shades of Love" with all new illustrations and additional poetry in the near future...stay tuned!

"Painted Poetry" a Monograph and Poetry Book