From a very young age JB has been fascinated with clouds.  Thus, it is not surprising that she decided to dedicate several years of her painting career to painting them.  “Sunrise,” which is a ‘tour de force’ undertaking, measures 24 x 8 feet and is made up of 23 individual canvases, each measuring 15x30 inches.  Most of the canvases are designed to butt together with a few purposely separated from the center mass to give it an abstract quality and an overall impression of weightless expansion.  Pictured below is the entire assembled piece along with a closeup of the center mass plus another closeup of an individual panel.  The original is still available, and it is also available in print form.  The prints are the same size as the original and has been limited to an edition of ten, two of which have been sold. 

“Donald Ross Bridge at Twilight” is another large triptych.  The original sold, but is available in print.  The last painting “Do Not Go Quietly Into that Good Night” shows a dramatic cloud formation at dusk.  This original is still available.