Italian Landscapes

This series depicts several different areas in Italy from Portofino, Lake Como, Lago di Garda, the Amalfi Drive, and Tuscany.  A couple date back to beginning of her European Landscape adventures.  More than two-thirds of this body of work have been sold.  The originals that are still available are clearly marked.  There are no prints available of these works.  Some of these, but not all, are found in the artist's monograph available for sale.


JB has always been enthralled by Monet's Gardens.  She devoted quite a bit of time on this subject.  Perhaps because JB lived on a boat for so many years, as with her Venetian series of paintings, she is fascinated by water reflections.  Thus, in this series there is a series within a series [the first six below] that zero in on the reflective quality of Giverny's many water areas.  There was careful attention to keep the same aspect and horizon line in each one of these. The 4x10 foot "Weeping Willow Serenade" was commissioned by one of her major collectors.  It was reproduced as a print on canvas in the same size in a very limited edition of 10, of which there are 7 remaining.  All of these images appear in JB's monograph except for "Weeping Willow Serenade" which was commissioned after the book was published.

Most all of these have been sold but there are a few that remain. There are some limited edition prints of these so contact the artist to find out their availability.


This series centers on the amazing landscape features outside of the palace of Versailles. JB has always enjoyed depicting, romanticizing, and glorifying the beauty of statuary. So, it’s no wonder that she concentrated on the beautiful genius of the palace’s fountains and statuary. She also added unique painted borders to each image. This was her way of combining the opulence of the palace interiors with its exteriors.  JB has continued to keep this entire series intact and so it's in her private, home collection.  She would like to sell it as a whole collection.  All of these images are in her monograph with poetry to accompany each image.  There are not prints available of these paintings.


This is a small series, which JB was inspired to do after spending a month in Portugal.  She was entranced by the strikingly white buildings unexpectedly accented with banding of bright blue and yellow paint.  All this was topped off with ancient red roofs and areas of magnificent tile work that the Portuguese are known for.  There are only six in the series, of which, only two are still available.

Venetian Boat Series

This was a series glorifying the work boats of Venice.  There are only six in this small series.  They all measure 12x9 inches, but as you can see, they are powerfully dynamic.  Unlike the sleek black gondolas that every artist usually depicts when tackling the Venetian cityscapes, JB was captivated by these every-day, work boats because they are normally painted in rich, gem-like colors.  She then juxtaposed them against the equally rich saturated tones of the surrounding buildings.  Each of these tableaus draws on the drama that she creates with her uncanny ability to capture light and shadow.  All of these original paintings have been sold, but they appear in her monograph along with sensual poetry based on each scene.  Contact JB about limited edition prints of these images.

Venetian Canal Scenes

This series gives the viewer a broader, more panoramic views of the canals, glorifying the sleek, iconic lines of Venetian gondolas.  It also zeros in on the magical beauty of the reflections on water.  JB lived 25 years on a boat so she has an intimate familiarity with water and how it captures and plays with light.  All but one of these paintings have been sold and are pictured in the artist's monograph, "Painted Poetry,"  except for "Disegno alla Muro" which was completed after the book's publication.  However, there are still limited edition prints that are available. 

Venetian Walls

JB was transfixed by the walls of Venice. With texturing created by a combination of natural crumbling and aging on top of which is overlaid a myriad man-made layering...yearly attempts at repairing, all lending to the making of the most amazing abstract tableaus imaginable!  In some of the paintings the artist heightened these textures by extreme shadowing of a strong afternoon sun.  In others there is no strong shadowing, the texturing is enough.